Our founder, Matt Drozd, has helped many companies find new business locations and assisted others in establishing a business presence in the United States and Canada. These range from Fortune 500 companies to much smaller operations. Notable companies include General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Miller Brewing, Coors Brewing, Metropolitan Life, International Nickel, Mine Safety Appliances, University of Pittsburgh, The Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon, Peter Schmidt GMBH of Germany, Kyocera of Japan, Five Rubber of France, and the Software Institute.

Having served at the Pentagon and the State Department at the highest level of the military command for the Chairman of The Joint Chiefs and the Secretary of Defense, Mr. Drozd has an impeccable reputation and is a highly decorated veteran.  He received a defense meritorious service award for saving the lives of sailors injured when their navy vessel was attacked.


The following are links to the web sites of a few of the many companies we have started up from ground zero.